Quote of the day: 27 February

How do we become holy? It is here that John of the Cross makes a painful observation: I am confident that the Lord will help me explain this matter because it is extremely necessary to so many souls. Even though these souls have begun to walk along the road of virtue, and our Lord desires... Continue Reading →

World Youth Day Panama, Day 3

We continue to follow the adventures of Father John McGowan, OCD in Panama for World Youth Day 2019

john mcgowan wyd2019
Fr. John McGowan, OCD shares his experiences at World Youth Day 2019 in Panama


Up early this morning to have breakfast at the hotel where the Birmingham diocesan group is staying. We were joined by the British Consul and local assistant to the Ambassador. Once again I was impressed by the enthusiasm and liveliness of the young people.  Afterwards I made my way to the place of reconciliation. In the metro there were crowds of young people singing and cheering, waving their national flags. It was like at a football game except there wasn’t the competition and aggression. On the contrary, there was fun and laughter. i don’t know who were the loudest the Brazilians, Mexicans or Argentinians. We British are so reserved by comparison. I had a little union jack; so small compared to the others.

On my way to the centre I fell in with a Brazilian crowd; this is what you do: you talk to everyone and anyone. The local people…

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World Youth Day Panama Day Two

We will be following Father John McGowan’s blog as he takes the message of the Teresian Carmel to the youth of World Youth Day 2019.

john mcgowan wyd2019
Fr. John McGowan, OCD shares his experiences at World Youth Day 2019 in Panama


Today was special. When I woke up I could see the Bridge of the Americas was full of traffic streaming into Panama City, from Colombia and beyond.  Sr Elaine and I went out to the central bus station where we crossed the road to enter a huge mall. There we soon met lots of young pilgrims, mainly from South and Central America: El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina. It was such a joy to meet these young enthusiastic people. We exchanged greetings and asked about each others countries, swopped photos. Sr Elaine and I were struck by their general exuberance. We had fun together. I have a little spanish which helps, but you can communicate even without knowing the language.

After that we travelled on the metro to its furthest point. Nothing much to see except more shopping malls and a Bahai Temple. I was struck yet again…

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