Quote of the day: 27 February

How do we become holy? It is here that John of the Cross makes a painful observation: I am confident that the Lord will help me explain this matter because it is extremely necessary to so many souls. Even though these souls have begun to walk along the road of virtue, and our Lord desires... Continue Reading →

“Juanita preferred the poorest one”

On 7 May 1919, Saint Teresa of Jesus of the Andes entered the Discalced Carmelite monastery of the Holy Spirit in the township of Los Andes, roughly 90 kilometers from her family in the capital of Santiago, Chile. Years later, her brother Luis testified for her process of beatification and canonization: "Juanita chose the poorest... Continue Reading →

The root of love

we will not reach perfection in the love of neighbor if that love doesn't rise from love of God as its root Saint Teresa of Avila The Interior Castle, Fifth Dwelling Place, Chapter 3     Copyright © 1980 by Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc.

Rollin’ on the river

Let us come now to speak of the third water by which this garden is irrigated, that is, the water flowing from a river or spring. By this means the garden is irrigated with much less labor, although some labor is required to direct the flow of the water. The Lord so desires to help... Continue Reading →

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