Quote of the day: 21 October

My dear Anne-Marie,

I am so weak I can hardly hold a pencil and yet I need to thank you from my heart, which was so deeply touched by your thoughtfulness. I award you a diploma in candy making: your Kalougas are so good! How pretty they are in their little box! I have quite a supply of chocolates of every kind; everything makes me suffer, but yours, on the contrary, soothe me; it is surely your heart that has placed a special essence in these pretty candies. A thousand thanks. I am not forgetting you on my cross, where I taste unknown joys, and when I am in Heaven, your names and your memories, which are so well engraved in the depths of my heart, will be constantly present there before God. I am very happy, little Anne-Marie!… If you saw how my dear Mother takes care of me…. For a Carmelite used to mortification, I am ashamed of my comfort, but where I am concerned, the only consideration is one of charity, of goodness that is so maternal! A Dieu, little one, I love you and your family a lot, and I kiss you all. Thanks again.

S. E. of the Trinity r.c.i.

Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity

Letter 328a to Anne-Marie d’Avout
around October 21, 1906 


kalougas letter 328a ricardo flickr 4046238181_f2b67ae0a9_o
Kalougas from Bernachon Chocolates in Lyon, France | ricardo / Flickr



Elizabeth of the Trinity, St 2014, I have found God, Complete Works II - Letters from Carmel, translated from the French by Nash, A, ICS Publications, Washington DC.

Quote of the day: 18 July

Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity
Letter 300 to her mother

[ July 18, 1906]

J. M. + J. T.

Darling little Mama,

I’m expecting you on Saturday at the time we arranged; I will go to receive you on foot, without a cane. I’m delighted about it! I was expecting you today, and here I see my Master wants to unite mother and child in suffering, since your dear health is the reason for the delay of your visit; I love you too much to be sad about it, for I understand better than ever how much God loves us when He tries us. What a relief for me to think of you looked after by our dear Guite; let yourself be cared for by her, obey her completely, won’t you, little Mama.

The Blessed Virgin has not performed the miracle you desired. When, as you tell me in your dear, kind letter, you’re afraid that I might be a victim marked out for suffering, I beg you not to be sad about it, that would be so beautiful; I don’t feel worthy of it; think now, to have a share in the sufferings of my crucified Bridegroom, and to go with Him to my passion to be a redemptrix with Him. . . . Saint Paul says that those whom God foreknew, He predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son.  Rejoice in your mother’s heart when you think that God has predestined me and has marked me with the seal of the Cross of His Christ.

My legs, however, are getting better; I can walk without a cane. I’ve been given a very light robe, and this is what I wear when I make my little comings and goings, which consist in going out on the terrace and to the little tribune [small second-story prayer chapel overlooking the tabernacle]; can you imagine what a joy this is for my soul? Several times a day I make long visits to my Master, and I thank Him for having given me the use of my legs to go to Him. I am reading your dear book,  which is magnificent; you’ve made me a very precious gift, my dear Mama; I have it beside me on the little table that is so useful to me.  If you knew how well set up I am. . . . I think up something new every day, and my dear Mother smiles at my “comforts.” How she cares for me and anticipates my every need; I had told her I had a bad taste in my mouth and she got some new candy for me to bring me more relief, and it’s like that with everything; she has the intuitions of a mother. If you knew how she loves you; it was she who told me to write you right away, and I didn’t have to be begged, as you can imagine. We’ve had a very beautiful feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel,  I’ll tell you all about it on Saturday. I’m giving you all my best wishes for my Guite; tell little Sabeth to give her this holy card and to kiss her for Tata. A Dieu, darling Mama, I gather all of you together to kiss you as I love you. Be very reasonable, listen well to your Guite to please me. Your daughter who loves you more than she can say.

M.E. of the Trinity r.c.i.
26 years old today.

This would be the last birthday letter that Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity would write to her dear mother, Madame Catez. Less than four months later, she would die of acute adrenal failure, directly attributable to her years-long battle with Addison’s Disease.


One of the last photos taken of St. Elizabeth of the Trinity | Photo: Discalced Carmelites


Letter 300 to her mother, on 18 July 1906 The Complete Works of Elizabeth of the Trinity volume 2: Letters from Carmel (p. 309-310)
ICS Publications, Washington DC © Washington Province of Discalced Carmelites, Inc.


Quote of the day: 1 April

Let us lift the veil through faith and rest in those regions of peace and light.

Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity

Letter 237 to Madame de Sourdon (excerpt)
August 11 or 12, 1905

afterglow avian backlit birds
Photo by luizclas on Pexels.com

On April 1, 1883, St. Elizabeth’s great-uncle Raymond Rolland, priest of the Diocese of Carcassonne, died; Elizabeth was two years and eight months old.

Quote of the day: 11 January

Oh! My little Aunts, how happy I am; here I am, the bride of Christ! I would like to speak to you about my profession, but, you see, it is something so divine, earthly language is powerless to repeat it. I had had very beautiful days before, but now I no longer even dare compare them with that day.

Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity
Letter 154 to her Rolland aunts, 12 January 1903 (or a little after)

sabeth - the sunday of epiphany igsize
On January 11, 1903, the feast of the Epiphany, after 13 months of novitiate, Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity, unanimously accepted by her community, was consecrated to God for eternity through her religious profession as a Discalced Carmelite nun in the Carmel of Dijon, France.
SABETH - Always sing in Thanksgiving
O come, let us sing to the Lord;
let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation!
Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving;
let us make a joyful noise to him with songs of praise!
For the Lord is a great God,
and a great King above all gods.
(Psalm 95:1-3)

La elevación de Sta. Isabel de la Trinidad

Oh, Dios mío, Trinidad a quien adoro, ayudadme a olvidarme enteramente para establecerme en Vos, inmóvil y apacible, como si ya mi alma estuviera en la eternidad. Que nada pueda turbar mi paz, ni hacerme salir de Vos, oh mi Inmutable, sino que cada minuto me haga penetrar más en la profundidad de vuestro misterio. Pacificad mi alma, haced de ella vuestro cielo, vuestra morada amada y el lugar de vuestro reposo. Que no os deje allí jamás solo, sino que esté allí toda entera, toda despierta en mi fe, toda en adoración, toda entregada a vuestra acción creadora.

Oh Cristo mío amado, crucificado por amor, quisiera ser una esposa para vuestro Corazón, quisiera cubriros de gloria, quisiera amaros… hasta morir de amor. Pero siento mi impotencia y os pido que me “revistáis de Vos mismo”, que identifiquéis mi alma con todos los movimientos de vuestra alma, que me sumerjáis, que me invadáis, que me reemplacéis, para que mi vida no sea más que una irradiación de vuestra Vida. Venid a mí como Adorador, como Reparador y como Salvador.

Oh, Verbo eterno, Palabra de mi Dios, quiero pasar mi vida escuchándoos, quiero hacerme toda dócil a fin de aprenderlo todo de Vos. Luego, a través de todas las noches, de todos los vacíos, de todas las impotencias, quiero fijaros siempre y permanecer bajo vuestra gran luz. Oh, mi Astro amado, fascinadme para que no pueda ya salir de vuestra irradiación.

Oh, Fuego consumidor, Espíritu de amor, “venid sobre mí ” para que se haga en mi alma como una encarnación del Verbo: que yo sea para Él una humanidad complementaria en la que renueve todo su Misterio. Y Vos, oh Padre, inclinaos hacia vuestra pobre pequeña criatura, “cubridla con vuestra sombra”, no veáis en ella más que al “Amado en el que habéis puesto todas vuestras complacencias”.

Oh, mis Tres, mi Todo, mi Bienaventuranza, Soledad infinita, Inmensidad donde me pierdo, me entrego a Vos como una presa. Encerraos en mí para que yo me encierre en Vos, en espera de ir a contemplar en vuestra luz el abismo de vuestras grandezas.

El 21 de noviembre de 1904

via elisabeth-dijon.org

8 de noviembre: Santa Isabel de la Trinidad

Oh, Dios mío, Trinidad a quien adoro, ayudadme a olvidarme enteramente para establecerme en Vos, inmóvil y apacible, como si ya mi alma estuviera en la eternidad 

Fiesta de la Santa Isabel de la Trinidad, Carmelita Descalza, nacida el 18 de julio de 1880 y muerta el 9 de noviembre de 1906. En el Carmelo de Dijón se propuso ser “Alabanza de gloria de la Sma. Trinidad” y crecer en la carrera del amor a “los Tres”.

Preciosas sus elevaciones, retiros, notas espirituales y cartas. Es citada su elevación a la Trinidad en el Catecismo de la Iglesia Católica. Murió con estas palabras: “Voy a la luz, al amor, a la vida”.

Fue beatificada por el papa San Juan Pablo II el 25 de noviembre de 1984, fiesta de Cristo Rey y fue canonizada por el Papa Francisco el domingo 16 de octubre de 2016 en Roma.

Más información aquí,  aquí, y  aquí

Los santos son hombres y mujeres que entran hasta el fondo del misterio de la oración. Hombres y mujeres que luchan con la oración, dejando al Espíritu Santo orar y luchar en ellos; luchan hasta el extremo, con todas sus fuerzas, y vencen, pero no solos: el Señor vence a través de ellos y con ellos.
 Papa Francisco 
Homilía, 16.X.2016



Oh, mis Tres, mi Todo, mi Bienaventuranza, Soledad infinita, Inmensidad donde me pierdo, me entrego a Vos como una presa. Encerraos en mí para que yo me encierre en Vos, en espera de ir a contemplar en vuestra luz el abismo de vuestras grandezas


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