Thou dost anoint mine head with oil, and my cup runneth over

One of St. John of the Cross' oft-quoted and misquoted sayings

"If I love God, I love what He is: life, compassion, forgiveness, beauty. If I love God, I fight for respect for human rights, for freedom, and for justice."

what I wanted to do was not a good mortification (what was better, poverty or charity?); that since love was the better, I shouldn’t renounce anything that awakened my love

"Do not let what is happening to me, daughter, cause you any grief, for it does not cause me any.... Think nothing else but that God ordains all..."

Sister Monica Astorga Cremona, O.C.D. could not turn a deaf ear to a prostitute who asked for her spiritual counsel on a very hot day; instead, Sr. Monica listened, and the prostitute brought friends...

St. Edith Stein provides a definition of what it means to seek God, in God

St. Edith Stein Novena – Day 3

In dryness and emptiness the soul becomes humble. The earlier arrogance disappears when one no longer finds in oneself anything that would give reason to look down on others; instead, others now appear to one to be more perfect...

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