The Nica-News Roundup: Eve of Negotiation Edition (UPDATED) — Dr. Minúscula

An introductory note from Elijah’s Breeze: As our blog followers know Bishop Silvio José Báez has been involved in previous sessions of Nicaragua’s National Dialogue. This time, he is excluded from the dialogue table. His prayer for the negotiations is this: “May there be a renunciation of personal and ideological interests; may concerns about money never be placed ahead of human rights. That everything may be transparent, with all political prisoners freed and with public freedoms restored.”

In this edition: OrMu Administration Mostly Tight Lipped About Negotiations, except for pleasantries; Alianza Hints OAS and UN as Guarantors for Negotiation; OrMu Cops go After Jose Pallais; Young Man who Participated in Protests Found Murdered in Managua; Political Prisoners Shouldn’t be Pawns. Could Some be Released?; FIDH Plans Pickets at Nicaraguan Embassies; AUTHOR’S NOTE:…

via The Nica-News Roundup: Eve of Negotiation Edition (UPDATED) — Dr. Minúscula

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