ROME – Almost a year since a political and social crisis exploded in Nicaragua, the government and opposition forces along with the local Catholic bishops are still trying to figure out how to sit down to work out a negotiated settlement.

President Daniel Ortega appears determined to remain in power, as he, together with his wife and Vice President Rosario Murillo, were reelected in 2016 to lead the country until 2021.

Yet after a student-led revolt that began in April 2018, both the opposition and the hierarchy of the Catholic Church have called for a series of measures that go from putting an end to violent repression to Ortega calling for early elections.

An earlier attempt at dialogue failed last May-June, and efforts recommenced with the new year.

Bishop Silvio José Báez, O.C.D. addresses the March 3, 2019 session of the symposium celebrating the 75th anniversary of Religious Life Review (Vida Religiosa) in Madrid, Spain. The topic of his conference was “In Internal and External Conflicts, Mediation and Reconciliation”.

Bishop Silvio Jose Baez, auxiliary of Managua, will stay out of the dialogue efforts this time around, at least officially. He rose last year as a strong voice against the Ortega, often going to Twitter to denounce the repression against protesters. He’s currently in Madrid, where he spoke on Sunday at a conference for the 75th anniversary of the magazine [Vida Religiosa].

During his talk, available on YouTube, Baez said he comes from a country with a “very conflictive history, marked by caudillismo, corruption, electoral fraud. We go from conflict to conflict.”

Yet, he said, Nicaragua is once again trying to find a “peaceful and dialogic solution to the conflict. It’s the hardest one, but the only one that can guarantee…”

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LAFISE’S Roberto Zamora Says Dialogue Starts Soon — Dr. Minúscula

Special Meeting of the Permanent Council, November 20, 2013
Special Meeting of the OAS Permanent Council, November 20, 2013 | Juan Manuel Herrera/OAS

Roberto Zamora, president of the Lafise financial group, is in Madrid on business. He granted an interview to EFE press agency, in which he spoke about the ongoing crisis in Nicaragua, its economic and financial ramifications, and the need for a dialogue. Zamora is one of the five Nicaraguan businessmen who met with OrMu over the weekend. The Catholic Church, represented by Cardinal Brenes and Apostolic Nuncio Somertag, was also present.

Zamora told EFE that the “dialogue starts tomorrow…”

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Sons of the pioneers

Let us keep before us our true founders, those holy fathers from whom we descend, for we know that by means of that path of poverty and humility they now enjoy God.

St. Teresa of Avila

The Book of Her Foundations, Chap. 14, No. 4

In 1991, two courageous and creative Carmelite superiors general, together with their definitories, met for the first time in centuries. Discalced Carmelite General Superior Camilo Maccise, O.C.D. (of blessed memory) and Carmelite Prior General Joseph Chalmers, O.Carm. were the pioneers. Or should we say that they were sons of the pioneers? History will mark this moment well.


Read more about this brave adventure in their 2003 letter marking eleven years of O.Carm. – O.C.D. dialogue and collaboration, SO THAT THE WORLD MAY BELIEVE

“If communion and fraternity are signs of the Spirit’s presence, we can assure you that He has been present among us. Where the Spirit will take us from now on we know not, but we are sure that He will be leading the way… We have tried to respond to the challenges of the present moment. It will fall to new generations to discern the direction of the Spirit in faith.”


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