How do you experience the light and darkness of God in your life?

Night is the necessary cosmic expression of St. John of the Cross’s mystical world-view.

Remembering the 440th anniversary of St. John of the Cross' nighttime escape from his prison cell in the Toledo

Perceiving events, discerning their causes and effects through divine revelation is God's gift to the prophets

St. Edith Stein Novena – Day 3

In dryness and emptiness the soul becomes humble. The earlier arrogance disappears when one no longer finds in oneself anything that would give reason to look down on others; instead, others now appear to one to be more perfect...

Penetrating ray

Are you the ray That flashes down from the eternal Judge’s throne And breaks into the night of the soul That had never known itself? Holy Spirit—ray that penetrates everything! Saint Edith Stein Holy Spirit—ray that penetrates everything! The Hidden Life: Essays, Meditations, Spiritual Texts The Collected Works of Edith Stein, Book 4 ICS Publications,... Continue Reading →

The Marie du jour – May 6

  Divine virginity has a characteristic aversion to sin as the contrary of divine holiness. However, this aversion to sin gives rise to an indomitable love for sinners. Christ has come to tear sinners away from sin and to restore the divine image in defiled souls. He comes as the child of sin—his genealogy and... Continue Reading →

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