Teresa de Jesús y ‘La pluma dorada’: Scholarly articles and estudios dedicados a Alison Weber — Teresa, de la rueca a la pluma blog

Nota Bene: Míriada Hispánica is the academic review published by the University of Virginia Hispanic Studies Program. The most recent issue, No. 16, is dedicated as a festschrift in homage to Professor Alison Weber upon her retirement from the University as Professor of Spanish. Well known among Carmelites for her groundbreaking work Teresa de Avila... Continue Reading →

St. Teresa of Avila Novena

O most loving Heavenly Father! We thank you for the great gift you gave us through your beloved Saint Teresa of Avila, Virgin and Doctor of the Church. Her life was a great example of prayer, sacrifice, and faith in you. We humbly pray for her most holy intercession.

On 24th August 1562, Saint Teresa of Avila founded the first monastery of her Discalced Carmelite reform in Avila, Spain under the patronage of Saint Joseph. Do you know why? Because there was a crisis in the Church!

Remembering the foundation of the first Discalced Carmelite monastery in Avila on 24 August 1562; Saint Teresa recalled, "I wanted to rest a little since I had hardly slept the whole night"

"Souls in this condition make me feel such compassion that any burden seems light to me if I can free one of them." Spiritual Testimonies: 20 Intellectual vision of a soul in grace and in sin (Avila, probably 1571)

"Take courage, the order of the Blessed Virgin will flourish"

The Marie du jour – May 3

Avila, Incarnation, Jan. 19, 1572 St. Teresa's vision of our Lady in the choir of the Incarnation 1. On the eve of the feast of St. Sebastian, the first year in which I was prioress at the Incarnation, at the beginning of the Salve Regina, I saw the Mother of God descend with a great... Continue Reading →

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