Quote of the day, 18 April: Madame Acarie

Ah, how much we must love God who is so good, who has loved us so much! If we find difficulty in anything, it’s because we don’t love God.

When will we finally give him everything and hold nothing back for ourselves? There is nothing owed to us and everything is due to God. Let’s serve him for who he is.

How happy we are to be able to do something for the service of God!

Blessed Mary of the Incarnation
Madame Acarie

Discalced Carmelite Online Retreat texts
Advent III, 2020

Translation from the French text is the blogger’s own work product and may not be reproduced without permission.

Featured image: This detail comes from a portrait of Blessed Mary of the Incarnation (Madame Acarie), which is an oil on canvas painting that was mounted on a door panel. It is part of the patrimony of the Carmel of Saint Joseph in Pontoise, France, which was founded by Madame Acarie. Image credit: Discalced Carmelites

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