Quote of the day, 3 April: St. John Paul II

Commemorative oil painting of Teresa of Jesus of the Andes that was used to create the banner for the Mass of Beatification in Santiago, 3 April 1987 during Saint John Paul II’s apostolic journey to Chile | Philippus2011 / WikimediaCommons

This is her message: happiness is in God alone; only God is infinite joy.

The Church today proclaims Sister Teresa of the Andes to be Blessed and, from this day forward, she venerates and invokes her with this title.

Blessed, blissful, and happy is the person who has made the Gospel’s beatitudes the center of her life, and who has lived them with heroic intensity.

In this way, our Blessed, having put the beatitudes into practice, embodied in her life the most perfect example of the holiness that is Christ.

Indeed, Teresa of the Andes radiates the joy of poverty of spirit, the goodness and meekness of her heart, the hidden suffering with which God purifies and sanctifies his chosen ones.

She hungers and thirsts for justice, loves God intensely and wants God to be loved and known by all. God made her merciful in her total immolation for the priests and for the conversion of sinners; peaceful and conciliatory, she sowed understanding and dialogue around her.

Above all, the beatitude of purity of heart is reflected in her. In fact, she gave herself totally to Christ and Jesus opened her eyes to the contemplation of his mysteries.

God granted her, moreover, to taste the sublime joy of experiencing in advance on earth the beatitude and joy of communion with God in the service of her neighbor.

This is her message: Happiness is found only in God; only God is infinite joy. Youth of Chile, youth of Latin America, discover in Sister Teresa the joy of living the Christian faith to its fullest extent! Take her as your model!

Saint John Paul II

Homily, Mass of Beatification of Sister Teresa of the Andes (excerpts)
Parque O’Higgins, Santiago de Chile
Friday 3 April 1987

Beatification Teresa de los Andes 1987 Blessing
Saint John Paul II waves farewell to the faithful at the conclusion of the Mass of Beatification of Teresa of Jesus of the Andes in Parque O’Higgins, Santiago, Chile, 3 April 1987 | Photo: Santuario Teresa de los Andes

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