Quote of the day, 24 March: St. Oscar Romero

“On this earth that Kingdom is already present in mystery. When the Lord returns it will be brought into full flower.”

Gaudium et Spes, 39

That is the hope that inspires Christians.
We know that every effort to better society,
especially when injustice and sin are so ingrained,
is an effort that God blesses,
that God wants,
that God demands of us.

Saint Oscar Arnulfo Romero

Excerpt from his last homily, 24 March 1980

Note: Saint Oscar Romero was assassinated Tuesday morning, 24 March 1980 by a single marksman’s bullet. He was shot as he began the offertory of the Mass in the chapel of the Divina Providencia cancer hospital where he lived with the Carmelite Missionary Sisters of St. Teresa (C.M.S.T.) in San Salvador, El Salvador.

Assassination of Saint Oscar Romero, 24 March 1980 during morning Mass in the chapel of the Divine Providence cancer hospital administered by the Carmelitas Misioneras de Santa Teresa in San Salvador (Wikimedia Commons, fair use)

Romero O, Nouwen H & Brockman J 2004, The Violence of Love, Orbis Books, Maryknoll NY

Featured image: This screenshot from the broadcast of the canonization Mass in St. Peter’s Square on 14 October 2018 focuses on the banner honoring St. Oscar Romero.

We are immensely grateful to The Archbishop Romero Trust for their vast treasury of English-language resources freely available for download through their website. We encourage you to visit and support their work.

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