Quote of the day, 18 March: Blessed Elia of St. Clement

At the foot of this mountain, I catch sight of a little girl with a smile on her face, her little eyes gazing in wonder at the high mountain she must climb. For a walking stick, she has a cross…

The thorns on which her bloody little feet tread don’t stop her journey, the storm through which she passes doesn’t frighten her the more she clings to her cross as a harbor of salvation…

Your cross will be a comfort to me in the short pilgrimage of life; crucified with you, I want to love you until death; I fall asleep clasping the cross of my Jesus, kissed by the white rays of the moon, which enter and illuminate my cell from small cracks in the window.

Blessed Elia of St. Clement

Excerpt from her writings

Note: Blessed Elia of St. Clement, born Teodora Fracasso (1901-1927), was beatified in the archdiocesan cathedral in Bari, Italy on 18 March 2006.


Translation from the Italian text is the blogger’s own work product and may not be reproduced without permission.

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