Quote of the day, 18 February: St. Thérèse of Lisieux

The Little Savoyard

What is going on in this poor cottage? You can hear a poor mother crying over the death of her child; but no, here they both are; let’s listen to what they say.

“My poor little one we have to separate, I have no more bread nor money. I prefer not to have your misery in front of me, I will suffer alone. But go to Paris—I was told that the rich were generous and helped the poor; go, my beloved child, your father who died will protect you from Heaven.

“God doesn’t abandon the children who love him and are suffering. Well, promise me before you leave that you will always pray in the morning and in the evening if you never fail to do so.”

St. Thérèse of Lisieux

Cahier Scolaire No. 10, p. 34
Benedictine abbey boarding school composition notebook
Thursday, 18 February 1886 (age 13)

Learn more about St. Thérèse at the boarding school, Notre Dame du Pré in Lisieux

We always refer to the website of the Archives of the Carmel of Lisieux for the vast majority of our quotes concerning Saint Thérèse, Saint Zélie, and Saint Louis Martin, but if you would like to purchase any of the English translations that appear on the Archives website, please visit the website of our Discalced Carmelite friars at ICS Publications

Translation from the French text is the blogger’s own work product.

Featured image: Life is difficult for these poor children from Mbale in Uganda’s Eastern Region. Image credit: Dazzle Jam / Pexels

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