Quote of the day, 13 February: Sr. Lúcia

It was with affection that the Sisters [of the Carmel of Coimbra] traveled alongside Sister Lucia on the long journey of her life, which was illuminated by a profound love for Our Lady. This love always filled Sister Lucia’s soul and she was captured irresistibly in the Heart of God. There she found her treasure, the Precious Pearl in exchange for everything that was abandoned.

She felt the seductions of the world, the temptation of the devil, and the complaints of her nature. But she won everything with heroic fidelity to her ‘Yes’ on May 13, 1917.

The world was her only path to God, and although surrounded by many obstacles, she always took the path as a ray of light, as her intimate desire, purpose, and generous offering in favor of her brothers and sisters in Christ:

“I want my life to be a trail of light that shines on the path of my brothers and sisters showing them faith, hope, and charity.”

Servant of God Sister Maria Lúcia of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart

Sister Maria Lúcia of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart, O.C.D.
22 March 1907 – 13 February 2005

of St. Teresa Coimbra Portugal, C 2015, A pathway under the gaze of Mary : biography of Sister Maria Lucia of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart O.C.D., translated from the Portuguese by Colson, J, World Apostolate of Fatima USA, Washington NJ.

Featured image: Lucia dos Santos in 1917. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons (Public domain)

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