Quote of the day, 1 February: St. Zélie Martin

My mother loathed society life and wanted nothing luxurious in the house. Reading the life of Madame Acarie one day, our mother said, “How fortunate she was to have given her three daughters to God!” Our mother had an extremely energetic and lively character, but was not harsh, with a very sensitive and very generous heart.

Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart, OCD (Marie Martin)

Witness 3, Ordinary Process (excerpt from the testimony)
Cause of beatification of Thérèse of the Child Jesus
Session 22, 6 September 1910
Answer to the 11th question

Note: Blessed Marie of the Incarnation, better known in France as Madame Acarie, was born in Paris on 1 February 1566. Saint Zélie Martin esteemed Madame Acarie’s generosity and exemplified it in her own life.

Featured image: The Madonna and Child appearing to Blessed Marie of the Incarnation is an oil on canvas painting attributed to Pierre Delestres, ca. 1750. It is part of the collection of artworks at the Discalced Carmelite monastery of Pontoise that depicts Madame Acarie.

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