Quote of the day, 27 January: St. Henry de Ossó

How beautiful you appear to my soul, O Mary, as I contemplate you, crowned with the splendid crown of the twelve Apostles and with the crown with which you are crowned by all the righteous who have been and will be in the Church of God, your Son!

How beautiful and gracious you are, O Immaculate Mary, when I admire you, adorned with the moon, as Queen, Lady, Protectress and ornament of the whole Catholic Church….

If God is always with you, what can all hell do against you? Nothing… Let there be laud, blessing, clarity, and praise… O Mary!… Allow me to go and celebrate you in heaven one day. Amen.

Saint Henry de Ósso y Cervelló

Chapter 6, Experiencia eclesial (excerpt)

Casado, SM & Rodríguez, G 2005, Experiencia espiritual de Enrique de Ossó: Relectura, 2nd edn, corr edn, Ediciones STJ, Barcelona.

Translation from the Spanish text is the blogger’s own work product and may not be reproduced without permission.

Featured image: The Immaculate Conception is an oil on canvas painting executed between 1767–1769 by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (Italian, 1696-1770). It is part of the Prado Museum’s collection of paintings for the Iglesia de San Pascual de Aranjuez, Spain. The gallery label indicates: This majestic image was part of a cycle of seven altarpieces commissioned in 1767 for the new royal church of San Pascual Bailón at Aranjuez, founded by Charles III in the same year. The symbols in the altarpiece refer to the virtues and significance of the Virgin. See the complete painting and read more about it. Image credit: copyright © Museo Nacional del Prado (used by permission).

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