Quote of the day, 12 January: Blessed Chiquitunga

I offer you everything, we offer to you, Jesus! Help me to give due thanks to my heavenly Father, and so increase, Jesus, my fervor, my union with you in the Holy Sacrifice; and let it truly increase in me day by day through prayer and sacrifice, until I die, but die of love!

Blessed Chiquitunga
Blessed Maria Felicia of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament

Pensieri, 25

Note: Blessed Chiquitunga was born in Villarrica, Paraguay on 12 January 1925

Father General Miguel Márquez Calle, OCD—then Iberian provincial superior—represented Father General Saverio Cannistrà at the Beatification Mass on 23 June 2018. Father Miguel captured this video of the presentation of the relic at the altar at the beginning of Mass. The family of Ángel Dominguez, who was stillborn but revived after approximately 30 minutes through the intercession of Blessed Chiquitunga, presents flowers, also. You see Father Angelo Amato venerating the relic at the end of this brief video. (Video credit: Miguel Márquez Calle, OCD / Discalced Carmelites via Facebook)

Maria Felicia 2019, Pensieri, Edizioni OCD, Roma.

Featured image: Paraguayan artist Koki Ruiz created the altarpiece for the beatification Mass from 70,000 rosaries donated from around the world. Our view is only a screenshot of the finished product, captured during the broadcast of the beatification.

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