Quote of the day, 4 January: St. Kuriakos Elias Chavara

Do not let all sorts of people freely move about your house. Only let courteous, god-fearing people be free there. The saying is, “Tell me who your friends are, I will tell you who you are.”

Make it clear that your house is not the place for indecent talk, unchristian behaviors, and uncharitable criticism of your neighbors or other people. If the evil deeds of another is being discussed in your home, the punishment for that crime will fall on your home.

There was a man who habitually went around speaking ill of others. He ended his days as a madman biting his own tongue and festering with worms and boils.

Saint Kuriakos Elias of the Holy Family Chavara

Precepts for families, 9–10

Chavara, K, Pathaplackal, T 2014, Testament of a Loving Father, translated from Malayalam by Calzolari, E, Chavara Central Secretariat, Chavara Hills, Kochi.

Featured image: This image of the Holy Family comes to us from Kerala, India. If you have information concerning the artist, please share that in the comments below.

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