Quote of the day, 9 November: St. Teresa of the Andes

I am reading Elizabeth of the Holy Trinity. I love her. Her soul is similar to mine. Although she was a saint, I will imitate her and be a saint. I want to live with Jesus in the depths of my soul. I want to defend him from his enemies.

I want to live a life of Heaven, as Elizabeth says, being a praise of glory:

  1. Living a divine life. Loving with a pure love of God. Giving myself to Him without reserve. Living in an intimate communion with the Spouse of my soul.
  2. By fulfilling God’s will in everything. How? By fulfilling my duty at every moment, with joy. Nothing should disturb me. All must be peace, like that which floods the angels in heaven.
  3. Living in silence; for thus the Holy Spirit will bring forth harmonious sounds and the Father, together with the Spirit, will form [in me] the image of the Word.
  4. Suffering, since Christ suffered all His life and was the praise of His Father’s glory. I will suffer with joy for my sins and for sinners.
  5. Living a life of faith. Looking at everything from the supernatural point of view. Reflecting Christ in our actions like a mirror.
  6. Living in a continuous thanksgiving: may our thoughts, desires and acts be a perpetual thanksgiving.
  7. Living in continuous worship, like the angels; repeating: “Sanctus, sanctus”, etc. And since we cannot constantly be in prayer, at least before each exercise renew the intention, and thus we shall be a praise of glory and live a life of Heaven. Moreover, we must become more inflamed in the zeal of divine glory.
Saint Teresa of the Andes

Diary, 15 July 1917

Translation from the Spanish text is the blogger’s own work product and may not be reproduced without permission.

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