Quote of the day, 25 October: St. Elizabeth of the Trinity

Your little Angel is sending you a note from her heart before going away to Him who was already her All here on earth.

The heart of Christ was never so overflowing with love as at the moment He was going to leave His own [Jn 13:1]. Nor have I, little sister, ever felt such a need to cover you with prayer.

When my sufferings become more acute, I feel so urged to offer them for you that I cannot do otherwise. Do you have some pressing need? Are you suffering? Oh! little sister, I give you all of mine, they are completely at your disposal.

If you knew how happy I am to think my Master is coming to seek me! How ideal death is for those whom God has protected and “who have not sought what is visible, because it is passing, but what is invisible, for it is eternal” [2 Cor 4:18] (Saint Paul).

In Heaven, I will be your Angel more than ever.

Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity

Letter 331 to Clémence Blanc
End of October 1906

Note: Clémence Blanc had been a postulant, perhaps a novice in the Carmel of Dijon. According to St. Elizabeth’s biographer, Conrad de Meester, O.C.D., Clémence left the Carmel of Dijon in the summer of 1906. She is the “little ex-Carmelite” that Elizabeth refers to in letters 298 and 302 on 16 July and 2 August, respectively. Father de Meester states that from these two letters, we can deduce that Clémence stayed temporarily with Elizabeth’s sister Guite at Sainte-Marie-sur-Ouche after departure from the novitiate.

Elizabeth of the Trinity, S 2003, The Complete Works of Elizabeth of the Trinity volume 2: Letters from Carmel, translated from the French by Nash, A, ICS Publications, Washington DC.

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