Quote of the day, 5 October: Miguel Márquez Calle, OCD

In the monastery of Las Batuecas (Salamanca, Spain), going up to the chapel, there is a painting hanging on the wall: an unfinished icon of Mary.

Over the veins of history, the reality of our history… a beautiful face of Mary emerges that is not finished, on purpose. Mary is a presence deep-seated in the veins of our humanity.

Mary is possible because she has let the Father brush his image on her flesh and blood. She lends to God, for his work of salvation, the availability of her YES, without excuses.

The image of Mary in Carmel is incomplete and is completed every day in the experience of her sons and daughters. Every day something beautiful about Mary’s soul is discovered.

Miguel Márquez Calle, OCD

General Superior, Discalced Carmelite Order
With Mary, Sister: Hope and Way (excerpt)
Letter to the Discalced Carmelite Order, 16 July 2022

Father General Miguel of Mary Márquez Calle, OCD was born 5 October 1965 in Plasencia (Cáceres), Spain.
We wish Father Miguel every blessing for strength and health, joy in the midst of pain and sorrow, unflagging zeal, prophetic commitment to the least and the lost, the encouragement of his brothers, the abiding prayer of his sisters, the accompaniment of his OCDS family, and profound peace within.

Virgin of
Las Batuecas

Featured image: Historic entrance to the Discalced Carmelite friars’ desert monastery of Las Batuecas near La Alberca (Salamanca) Spain. Image credit: Gretel / Adobe Stock

2 thoughts on “Quote of the day, 5 October: Miguel Márquez Calle, OCD

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  1. A beautiful quote from our Father General that helps us to ponder the wonder that is Mary.
    Thank you for letting us know it is his birthday today.

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