Quote of the day, 27 September: Kieran Kavanaugh, o.c.d.

[Saint] Teresa did not favor the theories holding that, since liturgical prayer was the church’s prayer, it was sufficient to follow the rubrics and pronounce the [Latin] words.

If the nuns could not understand the words, they could try to be aware of whom they were speaking to and remain at the side of the Master. Then they would be combining mental prayer with their vocal liturgical prayers.

Kieran Kavanaugh, o.c.d.

Way of Perfection Study Edition, Chap. 24, Interpretive Note 4

Kavanaugh, K and Rodriguez, O 2000 The Way of Perfection: A Study Edition, ICS Publications, Washington DC.

Featured image: Discalced Carmelite nuns from the Carmel of Consuegra, Spain welcome a new novice at her clothing ceremony. In May of 2022, there were 10 members of the historic community: 9 nuns in solemn vows and one postulant, all from Peru. Aleteia (Spanish edition) published an article about the financial assistance they needed to repair the monastery roof, which was on the threshold of collapse. This monastery was founded on 3 May 1597, so it is a treasure among the Carmels in Spain! Image credit: José María Moreno García / Flickr (Some rights reserved).

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