Quote of the day, 25 August: St. Mary of Jesus Crucified

Without doubt, I am not distracted, but I cannot finish my brief prayer. I start to say the Our Father and I stop at these two words without being able to continue. I think:

“Oh my God, You who are so great and so powerful, You are our Father. You in heaven and we are such small worms, ash, dust on earth! Today we are in this world and maybe tomorrow we are dead. And during this quick time of our existence, we dare to offend you. Oh my God, have mercy on us!”

And then I lose myself, and I fall asleep.

Even if I want to say the Hail Mary, I stop at the first words: “I salute you Mary”. And I say to the Blessed Virgin:

“You are so good, so good, oh my Mother! You, Mother of God, Mother of all men! And we are but poor sinners!” #StMaryofJesusCrucified #MariamBaouardy

And I lose myself and I fall asleep. It is impossible to continue. I really need to confess the fault that I cannot pray!

Saint Mary of Jesus Crucified
(Mariam Baouardy)

Life and Thoughts of Mariam Baouardy (excerpt)

Zampini F 2018, Life and Thoughts of Mariam Baouardy, the ‘Little Nothing’, translated from the Italian by Leontini C, Self-published, Bethlehem.

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