Quote of the day, 20 August: Blessed Georg Häfner

Dear Parents!

The Lord God has determined that I must continue the Way of the Cross. On Thursday I most likely will be going to Dachau. Do not worry too much about this. Nothing happens without the will of God.

I was very happy, dear Father, that you visited me today. You have been brave, and your cross, your blessing, which you also pressed on my forehead in the name of dear Mother, will not be in vain; I rely on it, because in the Holy Scripture it says: “a father’s blessing strengthens the houses of the children” [Sir 3:9]. I was more offended by the fact that I almost didn’t manage to say a word.

Lastly, I wanted to tell you that I hope the time will soon come again when I can speak to you, Father and Mother. Forgive me for everything I have done to offend and worry you. I thank you sincerely with a thousand times God’s blessing that you let me become a priest, even if you now have to carry the cross together with a priestly son. We carry it patiently together, which gives me special strength and comfort. I carry it and you help me by your prayer, your patience, your trust in God, and your surrender to God’s will.

We do not want to curse anyone, we do not want to hold anything against anyone, and we want to be good to everyone.

Blessed Georg Häfner

Letter of 9 December 1941 from the Würzburg prison
German translation by the blogger

Featured image: Gestapo photos of Blessed Georg Häfner come from the State Archives of Würzburg via the Diocese of Würzburg.

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