Quote of the day, 1 August: St. Elizabeth of the Trinity

“The Divine Office is so good; I love it with a passion.” #StElizabethoftheTrinity #Catholic #Liturgy (Letter 235 to her Rolland aunts, 1 August 1905)

Nun praying in Aachen Carmel
A Discalced Carmelite nun prays the Divine Office in the Carmel of Aachen, Germany. Photo credit: Discalced Carmelites

5 thoughts on “Quote of the day, 1 August: St. Elizabeth of the Trinity

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  1. I pray the LOH daily at 4:30 am upon waking. My therapist told me years ago I needed to incorporate mindfulness meditation to address my anxiety and depression. I scoffed. I reached for my 4 volume, 1970s edition, of the LOH instead, and find it healing and provides much centering. I still suffer from anxiety by nightfall and my sleep suffers. But I am better.

    Pray for us St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross!

  2. I would have said that eagerly, ten years ago. Today it is a sacrifice offering with effort. But someone wrote that – Thomas Merton, I believe – “the desire to please you does in fact please you”…

    1. I think that for the laity, and for those in secular orders or other secular institutes, the discipline of praying the Divine Office or making mental prayer can be a challenge. It seems that we have times and seasons in our lives when certain practices require great effort, times when they are disgusting, and times when they bring great joy and refreshment. The key seems to be the baseline commitment to stick with the discipline and to resolve to find ways to fulfill those practices, even when there is no joy or refreshment. The bottom line in prayer, St. Teresa reminds us, is “to love much.”

      1. Thank you very much! Reminds me of the famous, “Her sins, which are many, are forgiven her, for she has loved much”…

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