Quote of the day, 27 June: Jessica Powers

God fills my being to the brim
with floods of His immensity.
I drown within a drop of Him
whose sea-bed is infinity.

The Father’s will is everywhere
for chart and chance His precept keep.
There are no beaches to His care
no cliffs to pluck from His deep.

The Son is never far away from me
for presence is what love compels.
Divinely and incarnately
He draws me where His mercy dwells.

And lo, myself am the abode
of Love, the third of the Triune,
the primal surge and sweep of God
and my eternal claimant soon!

Praise to the Father and the Son
and to the Spirit! May I be,
O Water, Wave and Tide in One,
Thine animate doxology.

Sister Miriam of the Holy Spirit, OCD (Jessica Powers)

Doxology (1946, 1984)

Powers, J 1999, The Selected Poetry of Jessica Powers, ICS Publications, Washington DC.

2 thoughts on “Quote of the day, 27 June: Jessica Powers

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  1. I find the words Jessica Powers, “I drown within a drop of Him whose sea-bed is infinity,” are so full of meaning and truth. I find that she is touched by the infinity of Christ. I find it so helpful to be touched by what she says. Thank you very much Lord for your Carmelite gift of the writings of Sr Miriam of the Holy Spirit, OCD.

    Dcn Guy Alden

    1. Sister Miriam’s way with words first moved my soul through her hymns. It was only much later that I began to meditate upon her poetry and I found them to be another genre of hymnody in themselves. She had a marvelous gift. Thanks for sharing, Deacon, please keep coming back and bring your friends!

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