Marie du jour 2022, 25 May: St. Mary Magdalene de’ Pazzi

The Mother of the Word, with a pale countenance, awaits the rising of her Son from the sepulcher. Oh! how great was thy faith, O Mary! Turning to the right and to the left, thou wast looking to see whether thy sweet Jesus would appear all glorious.

Thou didst know He was most powerful, and that whilst someone was returning from the sepulcher in tears, to this very one He might appear alive and glorious, He being everywhere.

Let therefore this strongest Lord arise soon, and confound all those armed ones who guard the sepulcher. John and Magdalen went there to find their Master, but He already triumphant had risen.

They teach us that when our Lord departs from us with His grace, as dead, with great desire we should seek Him, and with most ardent sighs penetrate to the right hand of the Father, never stopping until we shall have found Him.

We must likewise call Him with interior voices, shooting off by them so many darts continually with the bow of love; and He, as a lamb falling wounded to the ground, will allow us to take Him.

It is then dutiful for the soul to be satisfied with its nothingness since the Eternal Word permits Himself to be moved by a sigh, or by an interior voice when this is sent with that straight aim to the bosom of the Father or into His right side. Oh! how much more should the soul permit itself to be moved by the interior voice of the Eternal Father!

O Mary, every instant must have seemed to thee like a century when thou wast waiting for thy Beloved Son! Pray, then, O Word! come to Mary, and come to me, O my Bridegroom!

Oh! how beautiful Thou art! . . . Thou didst wish to appear to Mary first because she had conceived Thee; because she was Virgin; because she had kept the faith; because she had awaited Thee with the greatest desire; because she had been the humblest of all creatures; and also, to give her first the participation of Thy glory.

Saint Mary Magdalene de’ Pazzi

Works of St. Mary Magdalene de’ Pazzi
XVI. Of the Resurrection of the Savior (excerpt)

Miraflores Altarpiece, Right panel
The risen Christ appears to Our Lady

Fabrini, P. & De’ Pazzi, M.M. 1900, The life of St. Mary Magdalen De-Pazzi: Florentine noble, sacred Carmelite virgin, translated from the Italian by Isoleri A., [publisher not identified] Philadelphia.

Featured image: The Miraflores Altarpiece is a stunning oil on oak wood panel altarpiece that was executed ca. 1442–1445 by Rogier van der Weyden, (Dutch, 1399/1400–1464), who was one of the masters of the Early Netherlandish period. It portrays the Virgin Mary’s relationship to her Divine Son at the three most important moments: his birth, death, and resurrection. Rogier van der Weyden steps forth in faith to depict what few artists have had the vision to portray: the resurrection apparition of Christ to his Virgin Mother. Photo credit: Miguel Hermoso Cuesta / Wikimedia Commons (Some rights reserved).

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