Marie du jour 2022, 11 May: St. Elizabeth of the Trinity

Monsieur l’Abbé,

I had asked our Reverend Mother for permission to write and tell you how completely one my soul was with yours during these last days before your ordination; but now that I draw near you, before the great mystery that is being prepared, I can only be silent . . . and adore the exceeding love of our God!

With the Virgin, you can sing your “Magnificat” [Lk 1:46–55] and leap with joy in God your Savior, for the Almighty is doing great things in you, and His mercy is eternal. . . . Then, like Mary, “keep all that in your heart,” [Cf Lk 2:41–51] draw your heart very close to hers, for this priestly Virgin is also the “Mother of Divine Grace,” and in her love she wants to prepare you to become “that faithful priest who is entirely according to God’s heart” [Cf 1 Sam 2:35] of whom He speaks in Holy Scripture…

Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity

Letter 232 to Abbé Chevignard (excerpt)
Around 25 June 1905

Featured image: Cope hood, ca. 1850, crafted by the Dominican Sisters of St Catherine of Siena, Staffordshire, England | Photo credit: Fr. Lawrence Lew, OP (Some rights reserved)

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