Quote of the day, 11 May: Titus Brandsma

You came to my bedside [as a second-year philosophy student] and would not allow me to think about my studies, you wouldn’t even allow me to talk about philosophy. Rather, you told me about your life in Rome, your difficulties, your disappointments, your efforts, and your battles for love of the Order and its progress. 

More than a professor, for me you were a father. With all my heart I thank you for the friendship you offered. Ours was a deep friendship founded on a mutual desire to dedicate ourselves to study and to reawaken in Carmel its glorious tradition.

Blessed Titus Brandsma

Message to Father Hubert Driessen, O.Carm. for his 50th anniversary of religious profession

The Sovereign Pontiff Pope Francis will canonize Blessed Titus Brandsma on Sunday 15 May at the Vatican

Arribas O.Carm., M 2021, The Price of Truth: Titus Brandsma, Carmelite, Carmelite Media, Darien, Illinois.

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