Marie du jour 2022, 3 May: St. Elizabeth of the Trinity

To think that God calls us by our vocation to live in this holy light! What an adorable mystery of charity! I would like to respond to it by living on earth as the Blessed Virgin did, “keeping all these things in my heart,” burying myself, so to speak, in the depths of my soul to lose myself in the Trinity who dwells in it in order to transform me into itself. Then my motto, “my luminous ideal,” as you said, will be accomplished: it will really be Elizabeth of the Trinity! . . .

Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity

Letter 185 to Abbé Chevignard
28 November 1903

Mary at the Loom
William Henry Margetson (British, 1861–1940)
Oil on canvas, 1895
Victoria Art Gallery, Bath

Elizabeth of the Trinity, S 2003, The Complete Works of Elizabeth of the Trinity volume 2: Letters from Carmel, translated from the French by Nash, A, ICS Publications, Washington DC.

Featured image: Art UK tells us that William Henry Margetson (1861–1940) was a British painter, illustrator, and designer. He worked as a drawing instructor in London but spent much of his life at Wallingford in Berkshire. Margetson exhibited widely in British galleries and at the Royal Academy from 1885. Though popular during his lifetime, very little of Margetson’s work remains in public collections.

In his early years, Margetson produced black and white illustrative work in line and wash. His later work, for which he is better known, consists of portraits and literary, religious, and classical subjects in oil and watercolor. This painting is typical of his work: a large-scale image of a pretty girl alone. In this religious work, the beautiful model is bathed in a warm, spiritual light.

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