Let’s learn more about Chiquitunga UPDATE

Four years after the beatification of our Sister Maria Felicia of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, lovingly known as Chiquitunga, we pause to note some of the amazing changes that have taken place since the day of her beatification Mass in the football (soccer) stadium of Asunción, Paraguay on 23 June 2018 with Cardinal Angelo Amato presiding.

Father Miguel Márquez Calle, OCD represented our General Superior, Saverio Cannistrà, and the Postulator General in 2018 was Father Romano Gambalunga, OCD. Both were overflowing with joy to see the long-hoped-for day finally arrive.

Father Miguel Márquez Calle, OCD (front left) and Father Romano Gambalunga (far right)

Today, Father Miguel is our Superior General! Blessed Chiquitunga, were you praying for this?

And in the article below, you will see other photos of our Father Miguel on that blessed, joyful day, where he radiates the joy that all Discalced Carmelites were feeling. If Chiquitunga wanted to see Father Miguel guide our holy Order, then she surely will pray for him to have “the strength to serve”, as St. Teresa would say (Cf. The Interior Castle, VII, 4:12).

For our Spanish-speaking readers or those who are interested in following the official social media accounts for the cause of canonization of Blessed Chiquitunga, we share these links:

Official Chiquitunga Facebook page:

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