Quote of the day, 8 April: Blessed Elia of St. Clement

Goodbye, my house, nest of peace and love, sweet sanctuary of faith and virtue, goodbye forever, I’m leaving you for my God. Lord, I’ve heard your voice, I’m flying to Carmel.

Blessed Elia of St. Clement

Blessed Elia (Teodora Fracasso) entered the Discalced Carmelite monastery of Bari, Italy on this date in 1920, where she would receive the habit on 24 November of the same year and take the religious name of Elia di San Clemente, or Elia of St. Clement, as she is known among English-speaking Carmelites. She professed her solemn vows in 1925, but only two years later she died from a missed diagnosis, possibly encephalitis or meningitis; she slipped away at noon on Christmas Day 1927. She was only 26 years old. The Congregation of the Causes of the Saints has a wonderfully detailed account (in Italian) of her life and death, as well as the Apostolic Letter of Pope Benedict XVI inscribing Elia of St. Clement in the Album of the Blessed.

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