Quote of the day, 26 March: Père Jacques de Jésus

Every human person seeks reassurance regarding the future. We all feel that we are destined for something great and enduring. But even that is not enough for us. We feel impelled to go still further and reach for the stars.

Those who aim to amass great fortunes are responding to that basic instinct of wanting something noteworthy and enduring. However, they are clearly mistaken in thinking that material possessions will satisfy their souls.

Ultimately, the only source of inner peace and the actual attainment of the heart’s deepest desires is increased participation in God’s infinity. The soul is made to possess infinity, a spiritual infinity, God’s Infinity. Therefore, material goods can never satisfy the soul.

Servant of God Père Jacques de Jésus

Conference 7, “Our Three Vows: Total Death”
Retreat for the Carmel of Pontoise
Thursday morning, 9 September 1943

Jacques, P 2005, Listen to the silence: a retreat with Père Jacques, translated from the French and edited by Murphy F, ICS Publications, Washington DC.

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