Quote of the day, 21 March: St. John Paul II

In her tender love for Christ, Teresa found the essence of the Christian message: to love, suffer, pray, to serve. In her family’s home, she learned to love God above all things. And feeling that she belonged exclusively to her Creator, her love for her neighbor became even more intense and definitive.

Thus she states in one of her letters: “When I love, it is forever. A Carmelite never forgets. From her little cell she accompanies the souls she has loved in the world” (Letter, August 1919).

Saint John Paul II

Homily, Canonization of Teresa of the Andes
21 March 1993

Canonization of Claudine Thévenet and Teresa de Jesús “de los Andes”
21 March 1993, St. Peter’s Basilica
The Discalced Carmelite delegation can be seen at top left
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