Quote of the day, 10 March: Brother Lawrence

Remember, I beg you, what I recommended to you, that is, to think of God often, night and day, in all your activities, and even when you relax. He is always near you and with you; do not leave him alone.

You would consider it rude to leave a friend who is visiting you by himself; then why abandon God and leave him alone? Do not forget him. Think of him often, adore him continually, live and die with him.

This is the true occupation of a Christian; in a word, this is our trade. If we don’t know it, we must learn it! I will help you with my prayers.

Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection

Letter 10 to a woman
29 October 1689

Lawrence of the Resurrection, B; De Meester, C 1994, Writings and Conversations on the Practice of the Presence of God,  translated from the French by Salvatore Sciurba, OCD, ICS Publications, Washington DC.

Featured image: When photographer Alexey Novitsky from Kharkiv, Ukraine shared this image with Flickr in 2009 he said that his daughter Alina never would help to do the dishes if you asked her. “But she will PLAY with dishes and water” very willingly! (Some rights reserved).

Do you wonder how old Alina would be today, if she is still living in Kharkiv, and how she, Alexey, and their family are doing? That fresh face with freckles and dimples 13 years ago seems to show all the promise in the world.

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