Quote of the day, 1 March: St. Teresa of Avila

All who serve in the army
Beneath this banner,
Sleep no longer, sleep no more,
For now, there is no earthly peace.

As the captain strong
Our God wished to die,
Let us follow Him now
For we caused His death.
Oh what a happy lot
He won from this strife!

Sleep no longer, sleep no more,
For God is wanting from the earth.

With contentment great
On the cross, He longs to die
His light to give us all
In His sufferings severe.
Oh, victory so glorious!
Oh, fortunate this war!

Sleep no longer, sleep no more,
For God is wanting from the earth.

Not one coward will there be!
Let us risk our lives!
None better guards it
Than he who loses it.
Our guide is Jesus,
The reward of this warring.

Sleep no longer, sleep no more,
For there is no peace on earth.

Let us truly offer ourselves
All to die for Christ,
In the wedding in heaven
Joyful we will be.
Follow these banners
Christ leads us on.

Fear nothing, do not sleep,
For there is no peace on earth.

Saint Teresa of Avila

Poetry, 29, For a profession

Tomás Álvarez Fernández, O.C.D., the editor of the seventh edition of the Obras Completas (Collected Works) of Saint Teresa, indicates that this poem was composed to celebrate a profession in Carmel. In addition, he offers these insights:

Instead of the “nuptial motif” of other similar poems, [Teresa] develops the symbolism of combat. Religious profession is a type of spiritual combat under the banner of Christ. This is probably inspired by the Rule of Carmel, which draws extensively on the militant symbolism of the letters of St. Paul [Cf. The Rule of St. Albert, chapters 18–20]. Three verses of this poem are preserved as autographs in the Carmel of Savona, Italy: “With contentment great” and the following two verses.

Teresa, & Álvarez, T 1994, Obras completas, Editorial Monte Carmelo, Burgos.

Teresa of Avila, St. 1985, The Collected Works of St. Teresa of Avila, translated from the Spanish by Kavanaugh, K; Rodriguez, O, ICS Publications, Washington DC.

Featured image: Our thanks to the Carmelite Forum in Britain and Ireland for the use of another one of their splendid images from the Creative Commons website Saint Teresa in Art

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  1. Jesus shows the liars attack. Just ask him and follow faith and trust Him and old liar will crawl away. Strong presence of Jesus is best defence. Go all in on Our Lord. That is what she is saying I think.

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