Quote of the day, 5 February: Blessed Titus Brandsma

“I may well be vain, but when I am wearing this habit I have absolutely no desire to be so. I wear it with great joy because it is the symbol of Mary’s protection. I have full confidence in her motherly aid.”

Blessed Titus Brandsma
VI. Seeking God

Arribas O.Carm., M 2021, The Price of Truth: Titus Brandsma, Carmelite, Carmelite Media, Darien, Illinois.

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  1. The brown scapular is worn by me to remind me of Our Lady’s protection, not as superstition, but as an actual memory of what has been granted me from the time of my birth until now, as she gently draws me deeper into the heart of her son Jesus.

  2. Thanks for all your trouble, but I have taken her off and had a look. Our Lady is the Mater Dolorosa according to the writing, and Our Lord says in Latin, Jesus our Life and Resurrection. I don’t know what it comes from, I have dozens of unattributed medals bought from market stalls over the years.

  3. This one rather chokes me up. I am now wearing a Medical Alert pendant, a Sacred Heart medallion with Our Lady on the reverse, a Crucifix, and a Brown Scapular. A priest told me I had too much around my neck, and as I am no longer in Community, I stopped wearing my Scapular for a couple of years. It broke my heart. I have it back on again now, after a comment simililar to this one, from an OCDS on Facebook.

    1. Every Catholic is invited and encouraged to wear the small brown scapular and to pray the rosary. There is nothing magical about it. You are already wearing a scapular medal, which is accepted by the Church and both Orders as a substitute for the cloth scapular. So perhaps in this sense, Father is correct.

      1. No, not wearing a Scapoular medal, as far as I am aware? Small cloth one.

      2. You wrote, “I am now wearing […] a Sacred Heart medallion with Our Lady on the reverse’…. Assuming the image of Our Lady on the reverse is the image of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, then you are wearing a Scapular Medal. They come in all shapes and sizes and designs, but the concept is the same.

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