Quote of the day, 27 January: St. John Paul II

From the hand of Teresa of Jesus, Henry de Ossó understands that love for Christ has to be the center of his work: a love of Christ that captivates and attracts people, winning them to the Gospel.

Urged by this love, this exemplary priest, born in Catalonia, would direct his action to the neediest children, to young workers, to all men, without distinction of age or social condition; and, very especially, he directed his apostolic work to women, aware of their capacity to transform society: “The world has always been,” he said, “what women have made it. A world made by you, formed according to the model of the Virgin Mary with the teachings of Teresa” (Enrique de Ossó y Cervelló, Escritos, t. I, Barcelona, 1976, 207).

This ardent desire for Jesus Christ to be known and loved by the whole world made Henry de Ossó focus all his apostolic activity on catechesis. In the professorship of the Seminary of Tortosa, or with the children and the simple people of the village, the virtuous priest revealed the face of Christ the Master who, in his compassion for the people, showed them the way to heaven.

Saint John Paul II

Homily, Canonization of St. Henry de Ossó y Cervelló
Wednesday 16 June 1993, Madrid

Translation from the Pope’s original Spanish text is the blogger’s own work product.

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