Quote of the day, 12 January: Chiquitunga

My God, Holy Trinity!
Jesus Crucified!
Virgin Mary of Carmel!
Only one thing will I ask of you, since the rest will be given to me and you will give it to me in addition: what I ask is for Love to be able to Love, that with this, nothing will be lacking, nothing will be leftover.

Blessed Maria Felicia of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament (Chiquitunga)

Pensiero 217

We recall the birth of Blessed Chiquitunga on this day, 12 January 1925 in Villarrica, Paraguay

Felicia, M 2019, Pensieri, Edizioni OCD, Roma.

Translation from the Italian text is the blogger’s own work product.

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    1. Believe me, you’re not the only one! This concept of reserving the liturgical celebration of certain feast days to particular nations or regions is nothing new to the Church. Catholics in the USA celebrate Blessed Stanley Rother, but his cult has not been extended beyond our borders. We keep the feastdays of Mother Seton and Mother Theodore Guérin, but no one beyond our borders observes their memorials. But when the Holy See revised the Discalced Carmelite calendar in 2019, it was the first time in recent history that the practice had been applied to our liturgical celebrations. “After a certain delay”, I was told by a friar at our headquarters in Rome, we will approach the Holy See to try and iron out a few wrinkles. This issue will be on the agenda.

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