Quote of the day, 6 January: Léonie Martin

You see, dear little sister, it does me good to talk with you. I know that you understand me in spite of your young age; so I want to confide to you one of the greatest desires of my soul, which is intimate union with Jesus.

For the one who possesses Jesus possesses all; He is the treasure of treasures. In Him alone we find our joy and not in the creature. There we find only sorrow and sadness of every kind. Because our heart is made solely for God, He alone can fill it entirely. It is too big for the world; so what fol­ly to have too much attachment for creatures, isn’t that true?

You know this. I can judge it by my own experience, for until now I have not known how to control my poor heart. You, dear little sister, God has so enraptured your very pure heart that you have not known all the agonies to which foolish affections give rise. So Jesus will have your heart in all its freshness. May your heart be a thousand times blessed. I take delight in this for your sake.

Servant of God Françoise-Thérèse “Léonie” Martin

Letter to Thérèse (excerpt)
15 October 1887

On 6 January 1888 left the monastery of the Visitation after the first of three attempts at religious life with the Visitandines in Caen.

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