Quote of the day, 5 January: Jean Thierry Ebogo

Thank you for keeping me by your side
Then you are always with me
When in front of a poor man my heart softens
When a leper makes me shed tears
When a sick person dismays me
When a prostitute moves me to pity
When the death of a loved one hurts me
Yesterday, Lord, it was you I was looking for
in the people of my own flesh and blood
in those who loved me
Today, Lord, it is you who I have found
in strangers, in foreigners
in those who do not love me

Your love cries out louder than blood
Your love is burning me, I can feel it.

Servant of God Jean Thierry of the Child Jesus and of the Passion

Poem written by the Servant of God

Servant of God Jean Thierry Ebogo
(4 February 1982 – 5 January 2006)
“I only wanted to be healed so that I can become a priest”

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    1. Yesterday I discovered another WordPress blog in French that has published more of his poetry. I will try to translate a few more as time permits. Thank you for the encouragement!

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