Quote of the day, 22 December: Blessed John Soreth

On your head, set the helmet of salvation and so be sure of deliverance by our only Saviour, who sets his own free from their sins.

The Carmelite Rule, 19

The helmet of salvation is hope, which looks forward to eternal salvation; and it is called the helmet of salvation because, just as the helmet is the uppermost piece of a soldier’s armor, worn on the head, so hope is the uppermost of the virtues, always facing upwards and sighing for the joys of heaven.

Of salvation means that hope obtains what it longs for: salvation; or rather, just as the shield of faith is faith itself, the helmet of salvation is salvation—Jesus Christ himself—for salvation is from the Lord, and we are to hope for salvation from our only Savior. The remembrance of, or longing for, his lasting salvation is the headpiece of our minds, which makes us safe against any blows the evil one can deal us.

Blessed John Soreth

Exhortation on the Carmelite Rule

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