Quote of the day, 22 November, St. Elizabeth of the Trinity

[Saint Paul] wants me “to grow in Jesus Christ through thanksgiving” [cf. Col 2:6-7]: for everything should end in this! “Father, I thank You!” [Jn 11:41] My Master sang this in His soul and He wants to hear the echo of it in mine! But I think that the “new song” [Rev 14:3] which will most charm and captivate my God is that of a soul stripped and freed from self, one in whom He can reflect all that He is, and do all that He wills. This soul remains under His touch like a lyre, and all His gifts to it are like so many strings which vibrate to sing, day and night, the praise of His glory!

Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity

Last Retreat, Thirteenth Day

Elizabeth of the Trinity, S 2014, I Have Found God, The Complete Works of Elizabeth of the Trinity Volume 1: Major spiritual writings, translated from the French by Kane, A, ICS Publications, Washington DC.

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