Quote of the day, 17 November: Madame Acarie

O more than admirable power,
wisdom and goodness of my Lord and God,
why am I not able to make
every created being into a soul at will,
and to build in every soul, especially my own,
a heavenly Kingdom for You,
in which You may find joy and peace,
in exchange for all the pains and sorrows
which You endured for me.

Blessed Mary of the Incarnation, “Madame Acarie”

Prayer of Madame Acarie

Father Olivier Rousseau, O.C.D., commenting on the life of Blessed Mary of the Incarnation, notes:

After taking care of her husband Pierre until his death on 17 November 1613, and settling the inheritance, Barbe Acarie, aged forty-eight, entered the Carmel of Amiens on 15 February 1614, under the name of Sister Mary of the Incarnation. As a lay sister, she worked in the kitchen as much as her infirmities allowed her. With the agreement of the Prioress, she exercised a ministry of spiritual accompaniment to the Sisters, who asked for her help.

Learn more about Blessed Mary of the Incarnation, who helped to bring the Discalced Carmelite nuns to France

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