Quote of the day, 8 November: St. John Paul II

Almost a contemporary of Thérèse of the Child Jesus, Elizabeth of the Trinity had a profound experience of the presence of God, which she matured in an impressive way in a few years of life in Carmel. She was intelligent and sensitive, an accomplished pianist, appreciated by her friends, delicate in the affection of her family. Here she blossomed in the silence of contemplation, radiating the happiness of total self-forgetfulness; without reserve, she welcomed the gift of God, the grace of baptism and reconciliation; she admirably received the Eucharistic presence of Christ. To an exceptional degree, it becomes aware of the communion offered to every creature by the Lord.

Today we dare to introduce to the world this cloistered nun who lived a “life hidden in Christ with God” (Col 3:3) because she is a shining witness of the joy of being rooted and grounded in love (cf. Eph 3:17). She celebrates the splendor of God because she knows that she is inhabited in her innermost being by the presence of the Father, Son, and Spirit in whom she recognizes the reality of a love that is infinitely alive.

“Elizabeth of the Trinity had a profound experience of the presence of God, which she matured in an impressive way in a few years of life in Carmel” (St. John Paul II). #FeastDay #StElizabethOfTheTrinity

Elizabeth also experienced physical and moral suffering. United with Christ crucified, she offered herself totally, completing in her flesh the passion of the Lord (cf. Col 1:24), always assured of being loved and of being able to love. In peace, she offers the gift of her wounded life.

To our disoriented humanity, which no longer knows how to find God or disfigures Him, which seeks a word on which to base its hope, Elizabeth gives witness to a perfect openness to the Word of God, which she assimilated to the point of truly nourishing her reflection and her prayer, to the point of finding in it all the reasons to live and to dedicate herself to the praise of His glory.

“Her message spreads today with prophetic force” (St. John Paul II). #FeastDay #StElizabethOfTheTrinity

And this contemplative, far from isolating herself, was able to communicate the richness of her mystical experience to her sisters and friends. Her message spreads today with prophetic force. We call upon her: as a disciple of Teresa of Jesus and John of the Cross, may she inspire and sustain the entire Carmelite family; may she help many men and women, in the life of the laity or of the consecrated life, to receive and share the “streams of infinite charity” that she collected “at the fountain of life”.

Saint John Paul II

Homily, Ceremony of Beatification of Elizabeth of the Trinity (excerpt)
Saint Peter’s Basilica, 25 November 1984

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