Quote of the day, 26 October: Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection

God is spirit and we must adore him in spirit and in truth [cf. Jn 4:23], that is, with humble, authentic adoration of spirit in the depths and center of our souls. God alone can see this adoration, which we can repeat so often that in the end, it will become second nature to us as if God were one with our souls and our souls were one with God. Practice will make this evident.

Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection

Spiritual Maxims, 12

Lawrence of the Resurrection, B; De Meester, C 1994, Writings and Conversations on the Practice of the Presence of God,  translated from the French by Salvatore Sciurba, OCD, ICS Publications, Washington DC.

Featured image: Copyright Natalie Ewert (All rights reserved), used by permission.

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