Quote of the day, 31 August: St. Elizabeth of the Trinity

“I must stay in your house!” [Cf. Lk 19:5]. It is my Master who expresses this desire! My master who wants to dwell in me with the Father and His Spirit of love, so that, in the words of the beloved disciple, I may have “communion” with Them [Cf. 1 Jn 1:3]. “You are no longer guests or strangers, but you already belong to the House of God,” says St. Paul [Cf. Ep 2:19]. This is how I understand “belong to the House of God”: it is in living in the bosom of the tranquil Trinity, in my interior abyss, in this “invincible fortress of holy recollection” of which St. John of the Cross speaks! [Cf. Spiritual Canticle, St 40, no. 3, “hiding place of interior recollection”].  

David sang: “My soul falls down in a faint for the courts of the Lord” [Cf. Ps 84:2] I think that this should be the attitude of every soul that enters into its interior courts to contemplate its God and to come into closest contact with Him: it “falls down in a faint” in a divine swoon before this all-powerful Love, this infinite Majesty who dwells within it! It is not life that abandons the soul, but rather the soul that scorns this natural life and withdraws from it… For it feels that this life is not worthy of His rich essence so it dies and flows into its God [Cf. Living Flame of Love, St 1, nos. 30-31 concerning death].

Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity

Last Retreat, sixteenth day
31 August 1906

Elizabeth of the Trinity, S 2014, I Have Found God, The Complete Works of Elizabeth of the Trinity Volume 1: Major spiritual writings, translated from the French by Kane, A, ICS Publications, Washington DC.

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