Quote of the day, 19 July: Silvio José Báez, O.C.D.

And he said to them, ‘Come away to some lonely place all by yourselves and rest for a while’; for there were so many coming and going that there was no time for them even to eat. So they went off in the boat to a lonely place where they could be by themselves.

Mark 6:31-32

Life isn’t just about doing, working. and producing. We can’t reduce our existence to day-to-day running around. We live in a culture that has made us believe that our importance is based on what we do and that the value of life is based on the time and effort we dedicate to work. Jesus teaches us that the value of life is independent of our work and effort. We must take care of our own lives, our physical health and our interior serenity. We musn’t allow the hustle and bustle of everyday life to take away our peace, put our health at risk, and rob us of the joy of living and enjoying the fellowship of those we love.

Children eating
Jamie Martin in Ecuador for World Bank / Flickr (Some rights reserved)

Rest isn’t just a “break” to replenish our energy expenditure. An authentic rest is one that helps us to find the best of ourselves and allows us to regenerate our whole being. We rest when our mind, body, and heart recover vitality and serenity. We rest when we relativize problems and worries, placing them in the context of life’s broader horizon. We rest when we know how to have fun in a healthy way and enjoy the moments spent with family and friends.

Rafting on the Rogue River, Oregon | BLM Oregon / Flickr (Some rights reserved)

Above all, we rest when we seek a “lonely place” (Mk. 6:31) to be silent; to enter into ourselves; to listen to our conscience and perceive, beyond our fears and tensions, the presence of God who loves and cares for us. Prayer is true rest for the believer, through which we feel loved by the Lord, recovering strength and inner peace. We must learn to rest in the Lord, leaving our worries in his hands. As a Psalm says: “Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you” (Ps 55:23; cf. 1 Pet 5:7). Resting in the Lord brings us out of our isolation and makes us feel loved, strengthened, and secure in his hands.

Silvio José Báez, O.C.D.

Auxiliary Bishop of Managua
Homily, 18 July 2021

The Gospel reading in the New Jerusalem Bible translation is courtesy of Bíblia Católica Online. This translation is the preferred English translation of Bishop Báez. You can read more at www.bibliacatolica.com.br.

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  1. Wonderful! Perfect for me today! I was starting to listen to Bishop Baez in Spanish, (not easy for me)because I needed a fix of carmelilte thought for today. Then I was worrying about how to answer a friend about interior silence without preaching…Bishop said, Prayer is true rest for the believer, etc, A bit more prayer and I’ll have an answer, God is so good!
    Thank you folks too.

    1. Thanks for the comment, val. It’s our privilege and pleasure to bring these quotes to the world. God reward you and give you light and peace! Please keep coming back and bring that friend, too!

  2. This excellent Bishop has excelled himself again!! I thought our Father was great on Sunday, but the Bishop is much better. I love especially, “not a ‘break’ to replenish our energy expenditure”, I think was the wording. That’s exactly how I have been operating. I am most grateful for the correction.

    1. I learned something in that quote, you know. The bishop is a runner, and I was puzzled by the his reference to “spent energy”. I had to look it up and discovered that energy expenditure is actually a medical concept concerning physical fitness, and this is of special interest to runners and other distance athletes. How about that! BTW Kathie, if you notice that you have to submit your comments for moderation once again, it’s not because I don’t trust you to offer wonderful feedback, it’s that I was totally missing the fact that you had commented at all! I don’t want to miss one word of your clever commentary. Keep coming back, please!

      1. I’m very grateful you explained that thank you! I thought I had said something wrong. Thanks, yrs6, very interesting about energy. I certainly relate when I become tired after about 4pm. Very interesting.

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