Quote of the day, 12 July: Léonie Martin

Dearest little sisters,

How our hearts beat in unison and exult with joy and gratitude towards our loving God who made our little Thérèse a masterpiece of grace and humility: in a word, a very great saint. How good of Him to have made this flower of Paradise bloom in our home! But our dear parents were worthy of possessing her.

Given this triumph, this supreme glory, this song springs naturally from our hearts: “My soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior”.

To tell the truth, human language is quite powerless to convey what happens in the higher part of the soul, so it is silence alone that is appropriate, like that which reigns among the Blessed in Heaven.

You probably notice, as I do, dear sisters, that the pilgrimage for the Canonization starts on the 13th, the anniversary of the healing of our little sister; “the Blessed Virgin approached me, she smiled at me…” That was 42 years ago, how touching!

And the statue, do you have any news about it? I believe that it’s necessary to make the sacrifice for the 17th. It’s regrettable all the same, because our Superior was supposed to come in to bless it solemnly; we will have a great feast at home; exposition of the Blessed Sacrament all day long etc… etc… But don’t worry, the good Lord may want this deprivation united to our prayers, because there is great need in the beautiful country of France, and what we wouldn’t do to save it… Sacred Heart of Jesus, thy kingdom come!

We greatly admired the pretty envelope of the thank-you letter to the Holy Father and I was very touched that my little Celine put her signature on this letter after mine. Certainly, I humbly acknowledge that she is far superior to me in every respect. I thanked our beloved Mother with all my heart for her offering united to yours for the Holy Father. She is exquisitely delicate, our Mother, and I am often moved to tears.

Finally, my heart is so full of tenderness that it overflows into that of our All-Jesus where our hearts are joined as one in this incomparable day of glory.

Servant of God Françoise Thérèse Martin (Léonie)

Letter to her three sisters in the Carmel of Lisieux
10 May 1925

Translation from the French text is the blogger’s own work product and may not be reproduced without permission.

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  1. Again, so many thanks for this work of yours, for your translations and the images you select.
    With prayers for you to Louis and Zelie.
    (My blog is sadly neglected of late, but you might want to check out my book, Diary of a Country Carmelite: A Year in the Garden of Carmel, for other simple research and insights on the Carmelite saints and blesseds.)

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