Quote of the day, 23 June: St. Thérèse

I feel quite unworthy to be associated especially with one of the Missionaries of our Adorable Jesus, but since obedience entrusts me with this sweet task, I am assured that my Heavenly Spouse will make up for my feeble merits (upon which I do not rely in any way) and that He will fulfill the desires of my soul by making your apostolate fruitful. I will be truly happy to work with you for the salvation of souls; it is for this purpose that I have become a Carmelite nun; unable to be a missionary of action, I wanted to be a missionary of love and penance like Saint Teresa, my seraphic Mother… I beg you, Reverend Father, ask Jesus for me, on the day that He will deign to come down from Heaven for the first time at the sound of your voice, ask Him to set me ablaze with the fire of His Love so that I can in turn help you to enkindle that fire in people’s hearts.

For a long time, I desired to know an Apostle who would be willing to pronounce my name at the Holy Altar on the day of his first Mass… I desired myself to prepare for him the sacred linens and the white host destined to conceal the King of Heaven… This God of Goodness wanted to make my dream come true and to show me once again how much He enjoys fulfilling the desires of souls who love only Him.

Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face

Letter 189 to Père Adolphe Roulland (excerpts)
23 June 1896

Featured image: First Mass, a photo by Jerome Stevenson, captures a solemn moment between two brothers. One has just been ordained and the other is still a seminarian who has just assisted at his brother’s first Mass. The photo was taken on 24 December 2006 in Rome.

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